!Khwa ttu, West Coast National park, Langebaan, Blouberg sand beaches

After leaving the hotel, we will head northwest from Cape Town along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Our first stop will be the !Khwa ttu reserve, where we will have the opportunity to get a glimpse into the lifestyle and history of South Africa's indigenous people - the San Bushmen. We will learn about the culture, language, and customs of this slowly disappearing group of people from the African continent.

From the !Khwa ttu reserve, we will drive directly to the West Coast National Park, which is located 120 kilometers north of Cape Town and covers an area of 27,500 hectares.

The West Coast National Park is renowned for its diversity of local flora and fauna, especially the wide variety of bird species. The ideal time to visit is August, September, and October, which is the South African spring when the land is covered with a carpet of blooming flowers. Among the wildlife species in the park, you can encounter free-roaming ostriches, various species of antelope (eland, bontebok, kudu, gemsbok, duiker, and steenbok), baboons, and zebras. Among the smaller animal species are caracals, mongooses, and turtles. With a bit of luck, you may also spot southern right whales in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The West Coast National Park extends around a lagoon that reaches deep into the interior. The water in the bay is shallow and much warmer than the surrounding cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, making the West Coast National Park a popular swimming destination.

After driving through the park, we will reach the picturesque town of Langebaan, which is particularly popular among kite-surfing enthusiasts. Here, we will make a stop for a late lunch.

From Langebaan, we will head back towards Cape Town. Our last stop will be the suburb of Blouberg, which offers the longest sandy beach in Cape Town and a stunning view of Table Mountain. 

The trip and the stops may be adjusted according to your individual needs.

Price on demand.